The yoga class is designed to maximize strength , stamina, and flexibility. Covers all main classes of poses. Work at your own level using props and modifications as necessary.

Awesome Abs

Designed to improve overall core strength. Uses plank variations to work the core in all angles

H.I.I.T. Sculpt Class

An aerobic workout with anaerobic weights, starting with an empowering warm-up.


Burns calories and builds lean muscle mass. Varies on speed and resistance for a complete workout.

Fat Blaster

Incorporates polymeric (jumping), resistance (weights), and aerobic and anaerobic periods. Easy to modify to all levels of fitness.

Interval Sculpt

Uses weights, balls, steps, and the body’s own resistance. Tone your muscles and burn some calories. Aims to hit all of the major muscle groups


Interval training with cardio and weights to work arms and legs. Works abs with punching and kicking combinations and bag work. Speed training using the bags

Practical Pilates

Core stability, stabilization of pelvic and shoulder girdle breathing and posture (Restoring the natural curves of the spine).

Silver Sneakers

For Seniors to increase muscular strength and range of movement. A variety of exercises using hand held weights, elastic tubing and a Silver Sneakers Ball. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.



Uses latin dance to work the entire body. Follows the Zumba formula of varied tempos and rhythms.

Zumba Blend

Blends traditional Zumba dance with Zumba toning and Sentao. Light weights and multiple reps target specific muscle groups. Sentao centers around a chair for strength and resistance training

**Boot Camp with Ruth** 

From beginner to advanced. Get your body in shape and toned. Uses circuit training for a full body workout and heart pumping warm up. **Additional Fee of $10/class**


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